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Известия высших учебных заведений. ПРОБЛЕМЫ ЭНЕРГЕТИКИ

("Proceedings of the higher educational institutions. ENERGY SECTOR PROBLEMS")

ISSN 1998-9903

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Kazan state Power engineering University

Scientific-technical and industrial journal

The journal has been issued since 1999

The journal is issued 6 times a year



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 The scientific, technical and industrial journal "Proceedings of the higher educational institutions. ENERGY SECTOR PROBLEMS. "has been published at KSPEU since January 1999

The journal was established by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation together with the Kazan State Power Engineering Institute (KGEI)  certificate of registration number 018 450 from 21.01.1999g. In connection with the renaming of one of the founders of the journal re-registered in the Ministry of Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications  PI № 77-7322 from 19.02.2001g.

The purpose of the organization of the journal - to inform the scientific and technical public on basic and applied research in the field of energy, be able to discuss in this issue debatable issues on energy and related fields.

The journal "Proceedings of the higher educational institutions. ENERGY SECTOR PROBLEMS."was registered at the International Center ISSN - number ISSN: 1998-9903.

The journal is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published basic scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

Topics covered include the various branches of knowledge and presented headings: Energy (05.14.00); Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering (04/05/00); Electrical Equipment (05/09/00); Instrument making, metrology both information-measuring devices and systems (05/11/00); Physics (01.04.00). To maintain the creative youth specially organized heading "dissertations".

Information about the journal, rules the submission of manuscripts Procedure for reviewing manuscripts and abstracts of articles published in the journal information about the authors posted online at KSPEU E-mail journal -

The fee for the publication of manuscripts will be charged.

Terms of submission of manuscripts are published in every issue of the journal.

All manuscripts are reviewed.

The journal publishes only articles recommended by the editorial board of the journal.

The journal is published 6 times a year.

Each journal consists of approximately 18-20 articles and up to 2/3 of the published content is provided by external authors.

The journal is included into the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC), an international subscription catalog of periodicals «Ulrich's Periodicals Directory». Issues of the journal are also posted on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library (SEL).

The journal is a segment of the catalog "Newspapers. Journals "Agency" Rospechat "in the" Catalogue of periodicals of the Russian Federation, the CIS and the Baltic region 'Subscription agency "MK-Periodikasss

The subscription to the electronic version of the journal (to the whole issue, specific sections or articles) is available at in the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU. Full-text issues of the journal issued from 2003 till 2008 NEB placed in the database in the public domain, since 2009 - in the paid access.

Articles reviewed in VINITI Abstract Journal "Heat and Mass Transfer", "Energy", "Alternative and renewable energy sources."

The journal is sent to the addresses of information centers and libraries of Russia, members of the Department of Energy, Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes of RAS, it is also distributed through subscription and on-demand of companies.




• Power Engineering

• Power, metallurgic and chemical engineering

• Electrical engineering

• Engineering, methodology and information and measuring units and systems

• Physics

• For defense of a thesis

• Abstracts

• Reviews and information

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Chief editor

Edvard abdullazyanov Candidate of Technical Sciences, Rector of KSPEU

Deputy chief director

Emil Shamsutdinov Candidate of Technical Sciences, проректор по НР КГЭУ

Executive director of the journal


Rashid Aminov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor SGTU named after Yuri Gagarin

Edik Arakelyan

Ph.D., Professor at Moscow Power Engineering University

Pyotr Bartolomey

Ph.D., Professor at Ural Federal University named after the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg

Yuriy Brodov Ph.D., Professor at Ural Federal University named after the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg

Vyacheslav Bukhmirov

Ph.D., Professor atf Ivanovo State Power Engineering University, Ivanovo

Yuriy Vankov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at KSPEU

Aleksandr Golenischev-Kutuzov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor at KSPEU

Vadim Golenischev-Kutuzov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor at KSPEU

Farid Gumerov Doctor of Technical sciences, Professor at KNRTU

Roza Dyganova Sc.D., Professor of KSPEU

Igor Ivshin Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at KSPEU

Vladimir Kozlov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor at KSPEU

Mikhal Koltsun Ph.D., Professor at the Technical University in Kosice (Slovakia)

Vladimir Kornilov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at KSPEU

Anatoloy Laptev Doctor of technical sciences, Professor at KSPEU

Guzel Mingaleyeva Ph.D., KSPEU

Renat Minullin Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor at KSPEU

Anatoliy Naumov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor at KSPEU

Gurgen Olkhovskiy Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, OAO VTI, Moscow

Igor Popov Ph.D., Professor at KAI-KNRTU named after Tupolev

Vitaliy Sergeyev

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor SPbPU named after Peter the Great, St. Petersburg

Vladimir Tyutikov Ph.D., professor of Ivanovo State Power University, Ivanovo

Aleksandr Fedotov doctor of technical sciences, professor, KSPEU

Christo Boyadzhiyev Prof. Dr. Head of Systems Engineering Laboratory, Bulgaria

Natalya Chichirova Doctor of Chemistry, Professor at KSPEU

Vladimir Sharapov Ph.D., Professor at Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk

Valeriy Shlyannikov Ph.D., Professor at KSC RAS

Steffen Kurth Doctor-Engineer Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung eV, München Vorstand

Pavel Schinnikov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor NSTU, Novosibirsk

Andrey Schukin Ph.D., Professor at KAI-KNRTU named after Tupolev

Nikolay Yakimov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor at KSPEU







• 1. The journal "Proceedings of the universities. Energy sector problems "has a thematic focus and publishes articles on fundamental and applied problems of energy sector.

• 2. The journal publishes the results previously published and is not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere.

• 3. The author cannot publish more than one article in one issue.

• 4. Publications of a graduate students are free of charge.

• 5. The authors do not receive honorariums for their articles.

• 6. The manuscript must also be supplemented with:

• a cover letter from the organization in which the work is done;

• • an expert report on the possibility of the publication of articles in the press;

1. The structure of a manuscript should be as follows: UDC (top left); article title; initials and surname of the authors; names of institutions where the work was done, their location (city); abstract and key words in Russian (abstract and key words in English placed in the end of the article before the bibliography). Introduction; Forums (paragraphs); Finally; References (no more than 20 sources). For the experimental work is recommended to have dedicated part of the article: introduction, methodology of the study, the main results, discussion of results, conclusions. Each article must end with conclusions, stating the main results of their importance for the theory and practice.

Information about each of the authors: surname, first name, middle name (in full); the full name of the organization - the place of work (study), its mailing address; current position, academic degree; phone numbers (work and home) with area code; E-mail; specify which of the authors (multiple authors) should be contacted for further correspondence or negotiation and his\her addresses or phone.

2. The Editorial office accepts the manuscript in the English language containing: the title of the article; abstract and keywords; bibliography; full information about the authors.

3. The manuscript of scientific articles should not exceed 10 pages, including figures; article under the heading "dissertations" - 4 pages, including figures; abstract - 2 pages.

4. The manuscript should be carefully verified and signed by all authors.

5. The manuscript is submitted in two copies and on a disc (CD-R / RW) in the format of Microsoft Word 2003. To reduce the risk of failure when reading data, it is desirable to make multiple copies of files.

6. The electronic version of the manuscript with the complete set of documents can be sent by E-mail.

7. When creating the document for submission on the computer follow the rules of the manuscript:

• Text of the article is typed in Times New Roman, size of 10.5 pt with line spacing "at least 12pt" and is printed on one side of a standard (A4) sheet of white paper. It should set the following margins: top - 2 cm from the bottom - 1.5 cm on the left - and right 4.5 cm - 2.5 cm. On the "Paper Size" select "Other" and set the width of a sheet of 21 cm, height of 25.5 cm. The indent of the first row should be strictly 1cm.

• In the digital values and the dimension it should be a sign for non-breaking space. Distinguish between a hyphen "-", "minus" sign "-" and the dashes "-". Shifts in words not to use. Do not use text formatting marks space.

• All abbreviations, except for generally accepted, decrypted at their first mention in the text.

• The values of physical quantities are given in SI units or permitted to use along with them.

• Formulas are typed in normal font using the formula editor Microsoft Equation 3.0, following the dimensions: plain text - 10.5 pt, Large index - 9 pt, small index - 8 pt, a major symbol - 16 pt, small symbol - 12 pt.

• Letters of the alphabet (as in the main text) are gaining in italics letters of the Greek and Russian alphabets - font. Mathematical symbols lim, lg, ln, arg, const, sin, cos, min, max, etc. dial font. The symbol should not merge with nadsimvolnym element.

• •The length of the formulas should not exceed 10 cm. The big formula to be split into separate independent fragments.

• • numbering and punctuation should be placed separately from the formulas in plain text. The formulas that are referenced in the text, numbered at the right margin of the page with Arabic numerals in parentheses.

• • Figures, the number of which has to be logically justified, must have the extension together with MS Word (drawing MS Word, editors CorelDraw, Photoshop).

• The disk images must be submitted as separate files, preferably in TIF format with a resolution of 300 dpi.

• Requirements for the figures: the format - less than 10'8 cm; the thickness of the lines: the main - 2 pt, supporting - 1 pt. For symbols in the drawing, as well as for the caption label, use the font Times New Roman, size not less than 9pt. Pictures with more detail (complex charts, graphs) placed in the entire width of the page. (14 cm).

• Photos must be clear, glossy paper. Scanned photos are recorded in the files in TIFF, JPEG, GIF. Scan the image should be 300 dpi for the contrasting black and white drawings and 600 dpi - for grayscale.

• Tables should be numbered, subject headings, and run on a separate sheet. The width of the table should not exceed 14 cm.

• Authors should avoid repetition of the same data in the text, tables, graphs. Abbreviations may only be accepted. Figure Notes must strictly comply with the symbols in the text.

• References should be numbered in the order mentioned in the text in Arabic numerals, and are indicated in brackets.

• •Literature sources is printed on a separate sheet and is made according to GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "bibliographic references. General requirements and rules. " References to unpublished posts (except the protected dissertations) are not allowed. Foreign names are given in the text in Russian and in the reference list - in the original transcription.

8. The return of the manuscript for revision does not mean that the article has already been accepted for publication. The finalized version should be sent to the editorial office in duplicate together with its initial version, review and letter responding to comments from reviewer.

9. 9. The revised version of the article is reviewed and considered by the editorial board again. The date of submission shall be the date of receipt in edition revised article.

10. The decision of the editorial board of acceptance of the article for publication or reject the authors report.

11. Wheels and manuscripts are not returned.

12. The authors sent a reprint their article.

13. If the authors fail to follow the Requirements the manuscript will not be accepted.


Address of the Editorial office: Journal «Proceedings of the higher educational institutions. ENERGY SECTOR PROBLEMS.»,

Kazan State Power engineering University,

420066, Kazan, Krasnoselskaya Street, 51,

Tel./fax: (843) 527-92-76,





1. The journal "Proceedings of the universities. Energy sector problems"has a thematic focus and publishes articles, reviews, brief scientific reports, information messages (hereinafter - the article) on fundamental and applied problems of energy.

2. The journal publishes the results previously published and is not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere.

3. Directed sponsored materials must meet the requirements of the Rules of submission of manuscripts for the journal "Proceedings of the universities. Problems of power. "

4. The journal publishes only articles recommended by the editorial board of the journal.

5. The members of the editorial board of the relevant scientific organizing reviewing incoming articles are responsible for the quality of the review.

6. A reviewer appointed by the editorial board, giving a reasoned opinion on the scientific novelty, the practical value of the work performed and the appropriateness of its publication in the specific section of the magazine.

7. The duration of the review may not exceed one month from the date of receipt of the article.

8. If the opinion of the reviewer or a member of the editorial board, supervising the appropriate scientific field, the need to finalize the article, she returned to the authors.

9. Submitting articles for revision does not mean that the article is accepted for publication. The modified version of the article, along with the author's response to the comments shall be reviewed by the reviewer to assess the possibility of its publication.

10. Articles received positive feedback reviewer and approved by the Editorial Board, accepted for publication.

11. In case of a negative feedback to the revised version of the article the Editorial Board may send the manuscript to another reviewer to re-review it.

12. The decision to include an article in a magazine or rejecting it is taken by the Editorial Board based on the submission of a member of the editorial board based on reviews.

13. If the publication of an article on the members of the editorial board of any dispute, the decision taken at a meeting of the editorial board of a simple vote. With an equal number of votes, the chief editor is crucial.

14. n the case of rejection the author of the article is sent to the decision of the editorial board with a justification for refusal and a copy of the review.

15. Reviewers stay anonymous. The reviewer has the right to personal contact with authors.  



• Power Engineering

• Power, metallurgic and chemical engineering

• Electrical engineering

• Engineering, methodology and information and measuring units and systems

• Physics

• For defense of a thesis

• Abstracts

• Reviews and information





№ 5-6/2015






VIDIN YU., ZLOBIN V., KAZAKOV R. The calculation of radiative heat transfer in laminar flow in the channel 3

VAFIN A, MINGALEYEVA G A study of the basic properties of furnace oil and coal fuels 8

SHARYGIN M. The development of a universal system of indicators of supply reliability for practical use 16

MUSTAFIN R The central server of relay protection and automation 26

NAPOYKINA E, SIGAL P The risks of industrial enterprises in the energy sector activities 34

BURGANOV R, YARULLINA A. Institute of public-private partnerships in the power sector: the content and form 44

VYSOKOMORNAYA O, PISKUNOV M. STRIZHAK P Terms of intensive evaporation of water droplets in a non-uniform high-temperature gas environment 53

MOREV A, MRAKIN A, SELIVANOV A.Thermal aspects of the use of ash in the heat exchangers integrated circuits energy technological sulfur processing oil shale 60



VLADIMIROV O., ZAGRETDINOV A., IVSHYNA I, NIZAMIYEV M. Investigation of the influence of defects on the natural frequencies of the components of power plants 66

PLOTNIKOV L., ZHILKIN B., BRODOV YU. Simulation and experimental studies of gas exchange processes in reciprocating internal combustion engines 75

VAFIN D., BUTYAKOV M., DA SADYKOVA Features kilns with radial and acoustic burner flame grazing 84

DONSKOY I. The effects of gumming process on the efficiency of air gasification of biomass 93



KARCHIN V., SIDOROV V, FEDOTOV A. Reactive power compensation in rural distribution networks of 0.4 kV to improve the quality of electricity 101

AFANASYEV A., MAKAROV V., YAKOVLEV YU., KHANNANOVA V. The device parameter identification of three-phase induction motor 107

ZAKARYUKIN V, KRYUKOV A. Modeling each phase of shielded current distributors 120




WILNER V., LARYUSHIN A., RYABOKUL A. Optoelectronic altimeters, speedometers based on semiconductor lasers for UAVs 127

NDAYIZEYZE M., ILDARHANOV R., USACHEV A., ILDARHANOV G. Methods of detecting defects of the primary winding voltage transformer type NKF 134



SHAMSUTDINOV E. Copyright concept of "Regional Intellectual Property market: Theory and Practice" 144


Article submission guidelines 147

For readers’ attention! 149






Power engineering












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The frequency of the journal - 6 times a year, double issues.

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420066, Kazan, Krasnoselskaya Street, 51, KSPEU, editorial board,

journal «Izvestiya vuzov. Problemy energetiki».

tel./fax 8(843) 527-92-76.




Science Editor:. Tatyana Potapova – G-204,

tel./fax 8(843) 527-92-76.

Technical editor: Gulnaz Khayrullina – G-204,

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