General Information

Phone: 5194263


Address: г.Казань, ул.Красносельская, 51, корпус Д,4 этаж






Founded in 1998, the Department of Engineering Cybernetics is headed by Vilen Nasibovich Sharifullin.


The department’s research activity is focused on the mathematical modeling of energy and physical processes.


Students and staff alike actively participate at academic conferences. Students have been awarded various prestigious scholarships for their academic achievements.


The department has the following programs:

• Information science and computer technology (bachelor’s program: 4 years)

• Software for computer technology and automated systems (bachelor’s program: 4 years)

• Mathematical programming and software for information processing and information management systems


The department’s educational program combines a grounding in mathematics with programming, software design, database design, telecommunications, etc.


Graduates of the department work at a wide variety of companies and organizations, from the energy sector to the banking industry – wherever a knowledge of computer technologies is key.