General Information

Phone: 519-43-48


Address: г.Казань, ул. Красносельская, д.51, Д-714а




Founded in 1973, this is a general education faculty, teaching students of all academic fields.


The faculty’s research work includes the following: theoretical and applied aspects of ethnopolitical analysis, political linguistics, regional studies, political communication, social studies pedagogy, and legal issues in contemporary Russian society.


Courses offered include: “Political Science”; “Law Studies”; “State and Municipal Government”; “Labor Law”; “Constitutional Law”; “Information Law”; “Administrative Law”; “Civil Law”; “Contemporary International Relations”; “The Sociology of International Relations”; “Fundamentals of the Social State”.


The faculty has a highly-qualified teaching staff whose members have published more than 110 scientific papers and delivered more than 40 presentations at academic conferences – proof of their firm dedication to academic research.


The faculty maintains strong academic ties with the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Research Center (Washington D.C., USA); the Center for Slavic Studies at the University of Hokkaido (Sapporo, Japan); the Friedrich Ebert Fund (Germany); and the sociology faculty of Moscow State University.