General Information

Phone: 519-42-42


Address: Красносельская д. 51, Корпус "Д" аудитория Д-122



The Department of Relay Protection and the Automation of Electric Power Systems was founded in September 2005. The department is currently headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences Damir Fatykhovich Gubaev.


Among the department’s disciplines are: “Elements of Automated Devices”; “Relay Protection and Automation”; “Relay Protection of Energy System Sites”; “Automation of Energy Systems”; “Microprocessors in Relay Protection and Automation”; and others.


Students go through practical training at local production facilities that produce relay

protection and automation. This approach allows students to perfect their knowledge of the

energy sector while simultaneously building up their work experience.


The department’s students take an active part in national and international scientific conferences and seminars, and publish up to twenty scientific papers, reports, and theses each year. Students and teachers at the department visit international exhibitions in Moscow and Cheboksary devoted to relay protection and the automation of energy systems, where they establish partnerships with companies in the energy sector and establish ties with sites for future job-training.  


Graduates of the department are always in demand in the job market, and may find work at:

• Energy companies

• Research institutes and organizations

• Energy equipment production facilities

• Major factories and industrial plants

• Nuclear powerplants

• Hydroelectric plants


The department assists its graduates in job placement.