General Information

Phone: 519-42-73


Address: г. Казань, ул. Красносельская 51, ауд. В-313



Technical Sciences Professor Igor Vladimirovich Ivshin.


The department educates students in the following fields:

• Power Supply (bachelor’s degree)

• Optimization in the Development of Power Supply Systems (master’s degree)

• Design of Developing Power Supply Systems (master’s degree)


The department’s classes include: “Power Supply”; “Electrical Equipment and Power Supply”;

“Electric Power Supply Systems and Power Grids”; “Contemporary Methods and Techniques in the

Diagnostics of Electrical Power”; and others.


All of the department’s fundamental disciplines have suitably-equipped laboratories. Many

practicums and much educational laboratory work is carried out in laboratories created

by Schneider Electric, with which the department has strong professional ties.


The department’s teaching staff has published more than 150 educational and methodological

publications. Since its founding the department has trained over 4,000 qualified engineers and

master’s students. The department’s students have won many international and all-Russian

competitions; have participated in regional, national, and international conferences; have been

awarded scholarships, including the Russian Presidential Scholarship, the Scholarship of the Republic

of Tatarstan, the Kazan Mayoral Scholarship, and many others.


The Department of the Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises is open to mutually-beneficial

professional cooperation with companies, organizations, and institutions.