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Phone: (843) 527-92-34


Address: ул. Красносельская, 51, корпус "В", В-409








The Institute of Heat Power Engineering (Russian abbreviation: ИТЭ) is one of the Kazan

State Power Engineering University’s most important branches. KSPEU’s Institute of Heat Power Engineering has a forty-year history of scientific and teaching growth, beginning as the Kazan Branch of a Moscow university to become a groundbreaking institute at the forefront of Russia’s energy sector universities.


The Institute offers the following bachelor’s degree programs:


Program 140100.62: Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Technology


Program 141100.62: Energy and Machine Building


Program 220400.62: Management in Technical Systems


Program 220700.62: Automation of Technical Processes and Production


Program 223200.62: Technical Physics


Program 111400.62: Water Bioresources and Aquaculture


The Institute offers the following master’s degree programs:


The Institute of Heat Power Engineering consists of 11 departments:



Name of the department

Headed by

Contact tel. #

«Heat Power Stations» (ТЭС)

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor

Nataliya Chichirova

(843) 519-42-51,  А-415а


«Water and Fuel Technology» (ТВТ)

Doctor of Engineering , Professor

Anatoliy Laptev

(843) 519-42-53,  В-716

«Industrial Heat Power Engineering and Heat Supply Systems» (ПТЭ)

Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Yuriy Vankov

(843) 519-42-56,  Д-710

«Dynamics and Durability of Machines» (ДПМ)


Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Ildat Saitov

(843) 519-43-15,  Д-330


«Power supply of Enterprises and Energy Resource Saving Technologies» (ЭЭ)

Doctor of Engineering , Professor

Vladimir Ilyin

(843) 519-42-59,  В-708


«Boilers and Steam Generators» (КУПГ)

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor

Yuriy Galitskiy

(843) 519-43-17, Д-516


«Automation of Technical Processes and Production» (АТПП)

Doctor of Engineering , Professor

Kamil Gilfanov

(843) 519-42-61,  В-412


«Theoretical Basics of Thermal Technology» (ТОТ)

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor

Sergey Kharchuk

(843) 519-42-58,  Д-112


«Water Bioresources and Aquaculture» (ВБА)

Doctor of Biology, Professor

Marina Kalayda

(843) 519-43-53, Д-018а



Doctor of chemistry, Professor

Andrey Chichirov

(843) 519-42-65,  В-516


«Physical Training» (ФВ)


Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

Oleg Ilyushin

(843) 519-42-67,  Б-105