General Information

Phone: 5194315


Address: Красносельская 51, ауд. A-206



Founded in 2000, the Department of the Dynamics and Durability of Machines is headed by Ilday Saitov.


Students received a fundamental education in mathematics, computer science, and other technical subjects, including the classes “Applies Mechanics”, “The load-bearing capacity of materials and Constructions”; among others.


The department trains students in:

• Thermal Energy (bachelor’s degree)

• Thermal Energy and Thermal Technology (engineering degree)

• Research and Testing of Thermal Energy Supply Systems (engineering degree)

• Thermal Energy and Thermal Technology (master’s degree)

• Electro-technological Installations and Processes (engineering degree)


The department’s courses include:

• Thermal Energy Production

• Electric Power Production

• Technical Physics

• Machine Construction

• Electronic Technology and Electromechanics

• Automation and Management

• Automated Technologies and Automation of Production

• Environmental Protection





Students of the department regularly participate in student scientific conferences. Many students have received state scholarships.


The department’s educational equipment includes laboratories for material testing and theoretical mechanics.


In the course of their studies students undergo on-site training at local energy sector facilities.


The department has awarded 15 master’s degrees, 104 engineering degrees, and 143 bachelor’s degrees.


The department is active in research, with its staff having received over 150 patents.