General Information

Phone: 519-43-17, 527-92-20


Address: Красносельская, 51



Founded in 1999, the department is currently headed by Yuriy Yakovlevich Galitskiy.


The department prepares specialists in the following programs:

• Steam generators of heat-generating power plants (engineer’s degree)

• Power plant engineering

o Step 1: “Boilers, Combustion Chambers and Steam-generating Nuclear Power Plants” (bachelor’s degree – four years)

o Step 2: “Development and Design of Contemporary Energy Equipment” (master’s degree – two years)

• Production, installation, and repair of heating equipment


Laboratory work and training takes place at local energy sector facilities, as well as at the KSPEU campus. The department’s educational program is innovative in that strong emphasis is placed on student’s developing improvements to existing energy infrastructure.


Additional classes are available in welding and lathe operating, giving students additional professional opportunities.


The objects of specialization of the department’s students are:

• Steam boilers

• Steam-generators

• Combustion chambers

• Nuclear reactors and power plants

• Steam turbines

• Internal combustion chambers

and many other forms of energy-producing technology


Each year the department’s students take part in regional, national, and international scientific conferences, competitions, and exhibitions.


Many of the department’s graduates work at local power plants.