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For a more detailed training received in the Kazan State Power Engineering University in major subjects, the maximum possible involvement to mastering the energy majors by students from the regions of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation and of career guidance and youth in the KSPEU, there is a constantly working Centre for pre-University Education..




Aims and objectives of Centre for Pre-university Education:

implementation of the concept of continuous education, creation of favorable conditions for students in the continuity of the secondary and higher education, to attract talented young people to mastering the energy majors, identification of natural abilities of children and the fullest of them surrounded by the scientific potential of the University, the implementation needs of KSPEU in professionally-oriented entrants with a high level of basic training and the most complete satisfaction of the demand for paid educational services.

Directions of the activities of Centre for Pre-university Education:

Small power engineering university (SPEU);

Small power engineering college (SPEC);

Preparatory courses (PC);

Department for Pre-university Training of Foreign Nationals (DPUTFN);

Career guidance.


Small power engineering university (SPEU) is intended for pupils of 10-11 classes – specialized training on major subjects, preparation for participation in contests and competitions.

Small power engineering college (SPEU) is designed to implement the concept of lifelong learning by the organization of training of students of 9th, 10th, 11th forms in parallel with the school program during 3 years within the disciplines of the state standard of the curriculum of the 1st course of KSPEU.

Preparatory courses (PC):

Preparatory courses to the State Final Attestation for the pupils of 9th class;

Preparatory courses to the Unified State Exams for the pupils of the 10th class (2 years program);

Preparatory courses to the Unified State Exams for the 11th class pupils;

Preparatory courses to the entrance examinations conducted by KSPEU itself.

Department of Pre-University Preparation of Foreign Nationals (DPUPFN) – Intended for study of foreign citizens in the Russian language, as well as to improve the basic level of knowledge in General education subjects in Russian.

Professional orientation work designed to help students better understand their individual needs to identify the qualities that they need to develop or to compensate for its objectives, to actively promote informed decisions related to the choice of profession and its implementation.

Vocational guidance includes the following events:

organization and carrying out the day of the open doors of KSPEU each academic year;

participation in a special "Open Days" among educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation;

participation in the annual exhibition "Education and Career" in the regions of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation;

making relationships with General Education Institutions: signing of contracts, agreements on joint cooperation; speech at parents ' meetings in schools;

carrying out vocational conversations with the students in classroom hours in schools;

organizing discussions, lectures, excursions around the University with students, Kazan, Tatarstan and the Russian Federation;

organization of visiting the Museum of the Kazan State Power Engineering University students of schools, Kazan and from the regions of RT, Russia;

development and publication of methodological manuals, information compositions, reference books, brochures, booklets;

production and design of information boards, tablets and banners;

submission of information advertisements in specialized magazines: "Education-Abitruent", "Where to study";

advertisement feeds, banners, information messages about the activity of DLC in the official site of the Kazan State Power Engineering University.






Based on the resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers dated August 20, 1969 № 681 in order to increase the level of General education of the working and rural young people and create it the necessary conditions for admission to the branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1969 was created "Rabfak" - preparatory Department.

In the 90-ies the system of higher professional education in conditions of post-Soviet education area more actively than all other structures began to react to painful change of social and economic situation in the country. That is why in the years of the preparatory Department was replaced in pre-University educational space of University preparatory courses.

In December 1995 by the decision of the Academic Council was created the Department of pre-University training (CCT), as an auxiliary structural subdivision of Educational management Institute.

In connection with the establishment in 2000 of the Kazan State Power Engineering University and the increasing needs of the University in professionally-oriented entrants with a high level of basic training Academic Council decision of 31 January 2002, the Department of pre-University training was transformed into the Center of pre-University education (DLC) is independent structural division of the University.

From January 2013 DLC as a structural unit of continuous education, is part of the Institute of continuous education.