General Information

Phone: 8(843)519-42-53


Address: ул. Красносельская, 51, корпус "В", В-717а








Founded in 1998, the department is headed by Anatoliy Grigorevich Laptev, author of over 300 scientific articles, 8 textbooks and 16 monographs.


Students regularly take part in scientific conferences and are regularly rewarded with scholarships for their academic excellence.


Our graduates are in-demand among regional companies, organizations, and enterprises.


The department has close scientific and production ties with Kazan’s energy sector.


Over the past five years the department’s staff have been responsible for numerous innovations and modernizations at local energy sector facilities.


The department has programs in the following areas:

• Water and fuel technology of heat and nuclear power stations (bachelor’s degree)

• Water technology and monitoring in industry (bachelor’s degree)

• Resource and energy conservation technologies of water and fuel in the energy sector (master’s degree)

• Resource and energy conservation technologies of industrial water usage (master’s degree)


Students are trained to handle production, technical, organizational, managerial, and research problems. During their studies, students undergo on-site training at local energy sector sites.


The department boasts laboratories in the following areas: water treatment and water purification; fuels and oils; electrochemical analysis for water treatement.