History of KSEU



The first attempts to create a higher educational institution of the power engineering specialization in Kazan were in 1930. The Kazan Power Engineering Institute (KPEI) was opened then and was situated on the Street Komleva, 6. A. Ganeev was the first Director of the Institute. 110 people were admitted in the first selection. Training was carried out on two specialties: "Industrial power engineering" and "Central power station”. KPEI worked only for five academic semesters and was already closed in the year 1933. Nevertheless, the institution managed to produce a few graduates.


The shortage of power engineering specialists began to be felt in the 1960s. And then, on 18th July, 1968 was opened the Kazan branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (KF MPEI). The first rector (Vice-rector of Moscow Power Engineering Institute on Kazan branch) became Gennady F. Bystritsky. During the first years, classes were held in the premises of the "Tatteploenergostroya" dormitory. In September, 1968 began construction of the first two buildings for the KF MPEI (“A” and “B”).


In the year 1969 was opened preparatory faculty “Rabfak”.


At the end of the year 1970 was built academic-laboratory building “A”.


In 1972 was built academic-laboratory "B".


In 1982 was built the first hostel for students on the Street 2nd South-West, 26. The hostel was to accommodate 534 places.


In 1988 was finished the construction of educational and laboratory building "V".


In 1992 the university goes to the level system of education. The preparation of bachelors and masters begins.


In 1994 was established the faculty of Electronic Technology and Automation.


In 1995 began the admission of students to post graduate studies. The faculty of Energy Supply and Prevocational Training Centre was set up.


In 1997 was formed Scientific and Research Institute of power engineering problems at the Kazan branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute. Engineering-economic faculty was set up.


In 1999 the Kazan branch of MEI was renamed into Kazan Power Engineering Institute, was built the academic -laboratory building "G"; was published the first issue of the all-Russian magazine "News of Higher Institutions of Learning. Problems of Power Engineering.”


On 18th October, 2000 Kazan State Power Engineering Institute received the status of university and was renamed into Kazan State Power Engineering University.


In 2001 within KSPEU was opened a Small power engineering College.


In 2002 the Department of Postgraduate Studies was abolished and opened the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies. Begins admission to doctoral studies.


In 2003 was established the Institute of Heat Engineering and faculty of Humanities.


In 2004 was established of the Institute of Electric Power and Electronics, Institute of Economics and Social Technologies, Faculty of Machine Construction.


In 2005 was completed the construction of the academic-laboratory building “D”.


In 2008 Kazan State Power Engineering University celebrated its 40th anniversary.


In 2010 was opened the second hostel for the students with 256 seats, located next to the first hostel.

In 2011, the university received the status of the Federal Government's Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education and new perpetual license to provide educational activities.

 In 2013 was reorganized Faculty of Machine Construction; the Institute of Economics and Social Technologies was renamed into Institute of Economics and Information Technology. The construction of two training grounds on the territory of KSPEU began. Preparing for the opening of the Innovation Centre "Energy saving and Energy Efficiency", the training ground with the boiler equipment of LLC "Bosch - Thermotechnika". The Power Engineering University is celebrating its 45th anniversary.