Student Communities & Organizations

Dorm’s Student Council


The KSPEU Dorm’s Student Council was created to represent the interests of the students living in the hostel of the KSPEU, as well as for the organization of joint work of the University’s administration and the residents to improve social conditions in the hostel; educational, sports and recreation activities, conducting cultural events, leisure.

          The Student Council shall act on the basis of the Regulations of Hostel’s Student Council of the KSPEU, the provisions of residence of KSPEU and other normative acts.


Chairman – Maria Afanaseva


In the dorm of KSPEU are held fire exercises and preparation for fire safety. Owing to these teachings guys get the experience of behavior in extreme situations, obtain skills of first aid, and form the readiness to rapid reaction..



Systematic work on the prevention of delinquency and drug use is regularly carried out. Character building work with students in a hostel is a big part of drug addiction prevention in the youth environment.


The willingness of the Dorm’s Student Council to work for the benefit of students leads to the fact that the hostel occupies prize-winning places in city competitions. All the above stated made it possible for the  KSPEU Hostel’s Student Council in 2012/2013 Academic Year to become the prize-winners of the Grand Prix in the contest among the student hostels of higher educational institutions of the Kazan city, in 2013 to become Laureates of all-Russian competition in the sphere of development of student self-government bodies «Student’s Active» in the nomination «Best Hostel Student Management», in 2013/2014 Academic Year to become winners in the review competition among student hostels of higher educational institutions of Kazan city.


Keepers of home comfort in the hostel.

Address: Kazan, 2nd South West Street, house 26,




This is the basis of secondary employment of students. It has 17 teams in the numbering to 1028 fighters, including 12 units amounting to 700 power engineering profile oriented.

At the end of 2012, it became the best in the Republic and was awarded an honorary certificate of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism of Republic of Tatarstan.

Address: Kazan, Krasnoselskaya Street, 51, corpus «V», office 204, tel.: 519-42-31.

Commander – Ildar Sufyarov







The Students’ Security Service (SSS) has been in existence for 18 years, it is included in the Republican center of OUTPOST. SSS renders assistance to the bodies of internal Affairs in maintaining order in the University, in classrooms and on the large public city and Republican events.

Address: Kazan, Krasnoselskaya Street, 51, corpus «A», office 222, tel.: 519-42-11.

Supervisor – Dergunova  Dina Iosifovna.