Библиотека КГЭУ KSPEU library  was found in the year 1968. The stock comprises about 800 thousand copies.

In the structure of the library are some departments:

• delivery desk of technical and socio-humatarian  literature;

• delivery desk of scientific literature;

• delivery desk  of fiction literature;

• informative bibliographical department;

• reading hall for technical literature;

• reading hall for social and humanities literature;

• reading hall of periodic publications of technical and social – humanities literature;

• reading hall in the KSPEU hostels;

• reading hall in the Centre for primary and secondary professional education;

The library is situated on the 7th floor of the «V» building. The reading halls of technical, social-huanities and periodical publications are located on the first floor of the building «А».


Books are issued for one semester. At the end of December books should be handed over to the library and get a new set for the next semester. Students who have not handed in the books on time are not serviced in the library departments.

The telephone for the students’ delivery desk: +7(843)519-42-68