General Information

Phone: 5194252


Address: Красносельская 51 аудитория А-415



Founded in 1974, the Department of Thermoelectric Plants is currently headed by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Academic of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Nataliya Dmitrievna Chichirova.


The department prepares students in the following specializations:

• Thermal energy technician (vocational degree)

• Thermal Energy Stations (bachelor’s degree and engineer’s degree programs)

• Technology of Electric and Thermal Energy Production (master’s degree program)


Education at the department includes practical training at local thermoelectric facilities. On-site laboratory work is combined with computer simulations to give future specialists practical knowledge.


The department also carries out professional re-training courses in “Thermal Electric Stations” over 510 classroom hours, as well as continuing education courses over two weeks for a total of 72 classroom hours.


The department’s staff is active in research in many areas of thermal energy engineering, and since the department’s founding its staff and students have published more than a thousand scientific papers and reports and created more than 300 inventions and technical solutions.


Since its founding, the department has given degrees to over 2,000 thermoelectricity engineers, many of whom have gone on to successful careers in Tatarstan and throughout Russia.