General Information

Phone: 519-42-76


Address: Казань, Красносельская,51




Engineering was founded in 1972. The department is currently lead by Doctor of Physics and

Mathematical Sciences A.A. Naumov.


The vast majority of KSPEU’s students take some of the department’s courses, where they

study topics fundamental for technicians and energy sector professionals. These courses

include “The Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering”; “Electrical Engineering and

Electronics”; “Measuring Electricity”; among others.


The department trains students in the following specializations:

• Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics, and Electricity Technologies (bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs)

• Electronic Devices (engineering degree)


This specialization is in-demand and is very popular among foreign students. At the moment

students from the following countries are studying at the department: Angola, Bangladesh,

Ghana, Zambia, Yemen, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Syria, and other countries in Africa and Asia.