ON NOVEMBER 6, KSPEU RECTOR E.Y. Abdullazyanov was present at the ceremony of signing of agreements between the Republic of Tatarstan and the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) (MSIIR) of RUSSIA MFA.

The signatures under the text of the agreement were put by RT President R.N. Minnikhanov, MSIIR (University)  Rector of the Russia MFA A.V. Torkunov and the Director of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of the MSIIR (University) of the Russia MFA V.I .Salygin

The RT President, having briefly presented the social and economic achievements of the country, said that the core of the republic economy is oil production, petrochemicals, power engineering, machine building and others. He emphasized the contribution of the MSIIR graduates in the region's economy.

R.N. Minnikhanov also stated that there should be a training program for public authorities, Tatarstan representatives abroad. There is also a great need in professional advancement training and retraining courses. The president said the country needs staff that would be able to obtain certain skills, being studied at the mentioned courses. It is vitally important for energy, oil production and refining fields and  other large industrial companies. "We have such companies as Network Company, Power Generation, Power Engineering University and nowadays our partner is the whole world. We are establishing business contacts in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf" - said the president, emphasizing the importance of the signed agreement.

Maria Nikonova

Information: RT President Press Service

Photo: Marcel Badykshin


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