Rector's election


On April 21, there was held a conference of the university's staff and students concerning the Rector's election.

On this day in the Great Hall of the Academic Council, the representatives of the university's various structural departments gathered to vote for one of the candidates: the current rector Edward Abdullazyanov and the pro-rector for life-long learning Vladimir Ilyin.


At the beginning of the conference, the participants unanimously approved the membership of the counting and mandated commission. After that, the floor was given to the candidates for the post of the KSPEU's rector, who briefly acquainted the participants with their programs. In his speech E.Y. Abdullazyanov said that the today's priority task is to become a basic university. The candidate noted that he is ready to make his best to ensure this goal and a number of other projects to be implemented. In addition, the current rector emphasized that it is important not only to educate, but also to bring up students in the modern world.

Then the floor was given to V.K. Ilyin. The candidate gave listeners' special attention to the problem of young teachers' training capable of further self-development and attraction of students with high grades. He repeatedly stressed that a scientific component should be integrated with production, expressed the necessity to develop material basis and methodological support. In conclusion of his speech, V.K. Ilyin drew the listeners' attention to the fact that student's personality development is also one of the priorities of the university's leadership since it is important to be not only an expert, but also a highly cultured person.

After getting acquainted with the candidates' programs, the participants could ask questions or express their suggestions on further development issues. The problems of the building of  a new hostel, as well as the possibility of settling young specialists in it, were also dicussed.

The delegates of the conference - the general director of JSC "Grid Company" Ilshat Fardiev, the general director of JSC "Tatenergo" Rausil Khaziev, the director of JSC "Tatenergosbyt" Rifnur Suleimanov, the director of LLC "Srednevolzhskselelektrosetstroy" Gazinur Farrukhshin - noted that both candidates are worthy.

All the heads of power engineering companies unanimously supported the E.Y. Abdullazyanov's candidacy, being connected by a long and fruitful work in the power engineering sector. In conclusion, Ilshat Fardiev expressed the opinion that the trust of the staff is an integral part of the effective work of any leader, and Rauzil Khaziev added: "It will not be easy to work with him, but with him you will be the best", referring to E.Y. Abdullazyanov's candidacy.


The next stage of the conference was the rector's election itself. It was held by secret ballot. The participants received election ballots in which the names of the two candidates were presented. At the end of voting, the counting commission started its work.

The results of the vote were announced by the chairman of the counting commission, Irina Akhmetova. 146 participants of the conference voted in favor of E.Y. Abdullazyanov, 15 - in favor of V.K. Ilyin, 1 bulletin was declared invalid. Ilkhat Fardiev, the Director General of JSC "Grid Company" congratulated the newly elected rector, presenting E.Y. Abdullazyanov a medal for his services to the "Stetevoy company" and saying that thanks to the Kazan State Power Engineering University all the Tatarstan power system has its own specialists.

"We will go on working and developing!" concluded the newly elected rector of KSPEU at the end of the conference.


Evgeny Ponomarev, Nikolai von Essen

Photo by Maria Lazareva

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