General Information

Phone: 519-42-92


Address: Красносельская 51, каб. В207, В209



Today the institute has more than a thousand students taught by highly-qualified teachers. More than 70% of the teaching staff are candidates of science or doctors of science (professors, docents).

The Institute uses innovative educational techniques to teach students in ten bachelor’s degree programs and five graduate student programs. The Institute of Economics and Information Technologies includes 12 faculties, 7 of which are degree-awarding.


The following faculties confer degrees:

  1. Economics and Organisation Production
  2. Management of Enterprises
  3. Engineering Cybernetics
  4. Computer Science and Information Systems Management
  5. Sociology
  6. Philosophy
  7. Document Science

The Institute also includes the following general education faculties:

  1. Engineering Graphics
  2. History
  3. Political Science and Law
  4. Foreign Languages
  5. Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education


The most important qualities of the Institute’s educational programs are:


1. An economic education is organically integrated into an engineering education. Many programs combine engineering and economics, some of which give double degrees.

2. Many of the Institute’s programs are oriented towards the IT-industry, one of today’s most in-demand job markets. Kazan’s IT city, Innopolis, is likely to accept graduates from the Institute’s programs.

3. Education in the humanities is oriented towards all areas of the economy – most of all the energy sector; small, medium, and large businesses; the government sector.

4. An integrated training program called “Science – Education – Industry.” Educational programs are connected with science on the basis of experienced scientific staff, research laboratories, scientific conferences and competitions. These programs are linked with industry through agreements with companies and organizations, including targeted training that may lead to the future employment of students.